Stop by the CAVA production kitchen on any early morning, and you’ll find it abuzz with chopping, simmering, roasting, mixing, and packaging.

The Harissa in your bowl and Tzatziki on your pita? Those were made in our production kitchen.

Picked up a tub of Traditional Hummus or Crazy Feta on your way home? Smart move – and yes, the production kitchen team made those too.

Step inside our production kitchen

Ever wonder how we make your favorite dip? Here’s your chance. Let’s step inside the CAVA Production Kitchen:

We caught up with our Director of Commissary Operations Jason Huck to chat about the art — and the science — behind making CAVA’s dips + spreads.

“Running our little hummus operation is a little bit like conducting a symphony.”

CAVA’s production team makes 5 million pounds of dips, spreads, and sauces a year — by using up to half a million pounds of fresh produce.

How our team gets it done

The facility has three departments: First, the prep kitchen, where the fresh produce is washed, chopped, seared, simmered, or roasted, depending on the recipe.

Then, there’s the batching team. They take the prepped ingredients, and build each recipe, carefully measuring, mixing, and tasting to ensure each batch is perfect.

From there, the dips are packaged and shipped to one of our nearly 80 CAVA restaurants and 400 grocery stores that stock CAVA dips and spreads all around the country.Production Kitchen team member packages Crazy Feta

Staying true to our small-batch roots

All of our dips and spreads are made in fairly small batches, similarly to how our founders used to make them in the earliest days of CAVA.

“We mix the dips and spreads in a large Cuisinart — except that our Cuisineart holds 220 pounds of hummus.”

Always get the same dips? Stop by your nearest CAVA and try something new this time.