Strawberries. They’re one of the quintessential warm-weather fruits. In the spirit of celebrating the season, we partnered with our friend Jenna Huntsberger of Whisked! to create something new.

We chatted with Jenna about her inspiration for these tasty treats:

Bar cookies used to be a big part of our menu when we launched in 2011. As we grew our pies and cookies really took off, but I still spent hours and hours testing different bar cookie recipes (which is how I found the shortbread crust we’re using in the strawberry jam bar).

I wanted to do a strawberry dessert for Cava Grill because strawberries are a quintessential spring dessert. Every spring I am so excited when I can finally offer strawberry rhubarb pie at at our farmers market stand – strawberries mean that winter is finally over, and we have months of beautiful weather and local produce to look forward to. 

I am a huge fan of bar cookies – they can incorporate so many textures and flavors in a single cookie. The shortbread crust in the strawberry jam bar is one that we used for our original bar cookies – it has the perfect combination of sugar, salt, and buttery crumbly texture. The layer of strawberry jam is tangy and sweet, and the oatmeal crumble is a great crunchy contrast.

It’s pretty simple: Strawberries make people happy.

Available at all Cava Grill locations starting this week, these Strawberry Jam Bars are tangy, gooey, crumbly, DELICIOUS.