It’s officially fall! The kids are well on their way with a fresh school year and we’re arming you with healthy snacks to keep lunch boxes well stocked. We caught up with Caron Gremont of First Bites and she’s sharing four clever hummus-themed snacks to perk up snack time. Take it away, Caron:

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We all need a little lunch box and snack time inspiration and support. I estimate I’ve packed more than 2,000 school lunches (and my oldest is only in 1st grade!) and yet, each morning I still scramble to pull together a healthy and satisfying lunch that my kids will actually eat. 

Give some of these ideas a whirl when you need something fast and good:

1) Cucumber Boats

This updated version of the old-school “ants on a log” uses Cava hummus and Persian cucumbers. Take a small Persian cucumber and cut it in half and then split it in two. Using a fork, scrape out the cucumber seeds. With a spoon, fill the cucumber with any kind of Cava hummus. Top with sliced cherry tomatoes, olive slices, or a pretzel stick. For more fun, challenge your children to think of something fun to put on top of the boat.

#ProTip Fill a small sandwich baggie with some hummus and cut a small triangle off the corner. Treat the baggie like a pastry bag and squeeze the hummus out onto the cucumbers – no mess!

2) Hummus Sushi

Take a piece of whole wheat bread and, using a rolling pin, roll it flat. Spread on some Cava hummus (any kind will work – we used the kalamata hummus for this one) and sprinkle grated or sliced cucumber down the center. Roll it up and slice. Pretty and tasty!

3) Baby Pepper Surprises

These little poppers are a fun lunchbox or snack time surprise. Take a baby pepper and cut off the top (but don’t throw it away!), remove the seeds and then fill the baby pepper with Cava hummus. Put the top back on and let the kids pop them in their mouth.

4) Make-Your-Own Skewers

Add a small mix of cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, olives, and bell pepper pieces to the lunchbox. Add a cupcake pop stick (or a skewer – just make sure there are no sharp ends) and a side of Cava hummus for dipping (use a silicone cupcake liner or small disposable cup with a lids to hold the hummus). Let your child make their own skewer and dip it for fun at lunchtime.

First Bites is a non-profit organization that runs programs in preschools and early childcare centers in the DC area to get kids excited about eating fruits and vegetables. To learn more about the program and for more ideas on what and how to feed children, visit or check them out on Facebook or Twitter.

You can purchase our line of small-batch dips and spreads at your area Whole Foods or other area specialty market. 

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