Happy Friday! Here is our top V/5 for the week:

1) Harissa is the New Sriracha | Food & Wine

Brooklyn-based harissa artisans Ron and Leeta created NYShuk using passed-down family recipes, and explain how they created this brand to preserve their family’s legacy and move it forward – “It’s us trying to capture a culture inside of a jar.“

#ProTip Check out some of our favorite recipes using harissa here and here.

2) Hacks for Making Any Cutting Board Better for a Turkey | The Kitchn

Don’t have a proper surface but you still need to carve the turkey on Thanksgiving? Here’s a quick hack to turn any cutting board into a makeshift meat carving station. Carve away with confidence!

3) Our Favorite Fall Veggies And What To Do With Them

Looking for a little fresh farmers’ market inspiration? Chef Dimitri rounds up his top five favorite fall veggies and shares quick tips on how to use them. Of course, we had to share a few extra recipe ideas, too.

4) Our Expert Thanksgiving Timeline | Williams-Sonoma

Whether you’re hosting for the first time or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s always room to take Thanksgiving up a notch. Check out this timeline created by Williams-Sonoma’s culinary expert Natasha Gandhi-Rue, who’s a pro at prepping for the holiday.

5) 5 Artisan Teas to Try Now | Food & Wine

We spotted our very own Runningbyrd Tea in this Food & Wine roundup and we knew we had to share. If you haven’t given these hand-crafted teas a try yet, this Steller story about their origins ought to have you craving them in no time.