Good news: 2018’s finally here – and so is Crazy Feta. 

While others are headed south for the winter, we thought we’d turn tradition on its head. So here we are – heading north (to you!) and planting new roots in Beantown.

We’ve heard that it’s chilly up here, so we’re coming prepared – at CAVA, warm hearts and hot Harissa are not in short supply.

Our menu is ready – here, you create what you crave with vibrant house-made flavors to mix and match to your lifestyle.

So far, we’re getting to know the city through the eyes of our cookie partner, Lark, and community partner, Future Chefs. We take pride in working alongside organizations that share our love for food and people, and we know that these are two of the best in the biz.

Now, we can’t wait to get to know the rest of this great town. We’re ready to create something – food for today and fuel for tomorrow – with all of you.

So let’s do this. First stop: Fenway.

Are you ready for it? 

CAVA x Boston
Winter Bowl_Boston
CAVA x BostonCAVA x BostonMini Pita_BostonCAVA x Boston

Pita Chips + Soup
CAVA x Boston
CAVA x Boston

CAVA Fenway
1346 Boylston Street
Boston, MA 02215
Open 10:45am to 10pm daily