We’re happiest when we’re sharing our food, our culture, our vibes, with others. And we couldn’t do that without every one of our Cava team members. It’s a fanaticism that can’t be faked – it’s a passion we just have to share.

So we’re going to start hearing straight from our team about how they savor life – not just while they’re on the clock at your go-to Cava location, but (perhaps even more importantly) while they’re off it.

Let’s dive right in. Today we’re hearing from Terry, the General Manager at our Kentlands location:

What do you like to do outside of work?

I used to weigh 275 pounds. I had no neck. I was with a friend one time a while back and there was this fence we had to jump over. It was only four feet tall and my friend hopped right over it – and I couldn’t. It was a small thing, but it made me reevaluate everything.

I like to go the gym anytime I have the opportunity.

If what I’m doing through my diet and exercise can change myself, then I hope I can inspire and motivate other people to change how they’re living their lives. You are what you eat.

Favorite food experience?

I like to try food from different ethnicities. One time, I went to New York with some friends and we got there really early in the morning and ate all different food all day. My favorite were these pork buns from this Japanese ramen shop. Steamed with tender turkey and scallions — they were incredible.

What gets you excited about Cava Grill?

Cava is something way different than a lot of people are used to. I see people come here for the healthy lifestyle and the healthy culture.

I like representing a restaurant where you’re making a change in someone’s life.

Favorite customer interaction?

I started out at the Tysons location of Cava Grill and then I moved to Montgomery Mall. When people come to Montgomery Mall and remember me from Tysons, they’ll ask how I’m doing and it’s really so joyful for me. It’s a small thing but it makes a big difference.

What meal do you make when you’re cooking for loved ones?

I make sweet beef ribs with brown rice and steamed veggies — corn, string beans, peas, and carrots. I have a lot of nephews and they always ask for it.

What’s your go-to at Cava Grill?

Bowl with Half Supergreens and Romaine and Half Brown Rice, with Tzatziki, Harissa, Half Chicken and Half Spicy Lamb, Romaine, Pita Chips, Pickled Onions, Banana Peppers, and a little bit of Yogurt Dill Sauce — and an energy drink on the side.