Cava Grill April Spotify Playlist

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April. The ultimate in-between month. Those storied showers are making appearances here and there and the temperature can't quite make up its mind. It's time fo... Read More...
Cava Grill March Spotify Playlist

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From the dappled sunshine coming through our window to the hesitant chirping of birds we hear each morning, hints of spring are making their way into our conscious. Here’s what we’re listening to for March:
Cava Grill February 2016 Spotify Playlist

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February. That mildly trustworthy groundhog is telling us spring's coming. The seesawing weather this winter has us feeling not so sure. But either way, we need... Read More...
Cava Grill December 2015 Spotify Playlist

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Here's what we're listening to as we lounge beside a crackling fire and watch our breath frost up on the window.

Now Playing // November

November. The leaves are making their last colorful stand; everything seems to smell like cinnamon and nutmeg and cloves; and there are dreams of perfect mashed... Read More...

Now Playing // October

October. Now we’re starting to talk real fall weather. And real fall coziness. Let’s bake something that makes the whole house smell incredible; let’s pluck amb... Read More...

Now Playing // September

September. It’s a time for pressing the reset button, for seizing those last few weeks of summer produce bounty, for planning weekend getaways with some of the ... Read More...

Now Playing // August

August. We’re not ready to let go of summer quite yet. In fact, we want to dive face-first into summer before it’s too late. Let’s take one last vacation. Let’s... Read More...