Happy Friday! Here’s our top V/5 this week:

1) Ingredient Spotlight on Apples | A Pinterest board

Now that October is here, we have all things autumn on our minds, especially the season’s most coveted fruit. From tangy green apples to sweet golden ones, we’re inspired by each of these delicious and colorful varieties. Happy pinning.

2) Canning & Jamming | Provisions by Food52

If you haven’t heard of Food52’s e-commerce arm Provisions yet, you should definitely get acquainted. The dynamic crowd-sourced food site just so happens to curate hundreds of hand-selected products, all available in Provisions. Our favorite collection at the moment: Canning & Jamming.

3) Leica Recreates 35 Famous Photos to Celebrate a Century of Photography | AdWeek

German camera brand Leica just unveiled this new ad that recreates 35 of the most iconic photographs of the century. It’s a beautiful video as well as a welcome reminder: Though Leica didn’t invent the camera, the brand does account for a lot of why the memory-preserving tool has become so mainstream.

4) (mostly) Found Objects | A Steller story from Jacob Rushing

We love how LA-based photographer Jacob Rushing took a series of cast-aside items – think old keys, a crumpled-up to-go cup, even a cheese doodle – and turned them into a cheeky photo series.

5) November Project: Hugs and fitness | Washington Post

We’re excited to see this run club/boot camp get started in Washington. The November Project began with two former college rowers who wanted to change the way people saw fitness, and now it has a nationwide following. We’ll be up at 5:30 a.m. (maybe) to break a sweat with this dedicated group of Washingtonians.

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