Happy Friday! Here are our top five must-reads for this week:

1) 10 Cold Soups for Hot Summer Nights | Food52

When we think of soup, we usually nod to the cooler seasons. But if our adoration for gazpacho is any indication, the summer soup category has a lot to love as well. Instead of imagining sipping soup by your fireplace, embrace these simple chilled recipes on the porch or your backyard deck.

2) 31 Classic Father’s Day Recipes for the Awesome Dads | Bon Appetit

Instead of taking dad out for a bite to eat (though we’re always here for you if you need us), how about 31 awesome at-home recipes for Father’s Day. Trust us, the gift of a homemade meal will be much more heartwarming than the stereotypical tie you know you were thinking about getting him.

3) Math is Way More Fun When You Teach it With Food | WIRED

The next time you’re thinking of brushing up on your math skills — we both know algebra feels like it was ages ago and you’ve forgotten *all* of it — try cooking. Cooking spruces up your ability to use fractions, geometry and give you insight on π. Get it, Pie? Cheesy dessert jokes aside: Eugenia Cheng displays fun ways to use everyday cooking as math refresher.

4) 6 Steps to Cooking With New Ingredients | The Kitchn

Have you ever flipped through a cookbook, only to discover an amazing recipe with a crazy ingredient such as besciamella or sutamyeon. Until now, you might have immediately turned the page to a different recipe — but The Kitchn has researched ways for you to go all in on using those more unusual ingredients.

5) The 50 Best Travel Films of the Past 50 Years | CN Traveler

Even if travel isn’t in the cards this summer, these 50 films will take you on a journey from scenic landscapes to travel stories to wanderlust encouraging escapades. Get comfortable on your sofa and enjoy films such as “Thelma and Louise” and “Catch Me If You Can.”