Welcome, winter! The kickoff of 2016 means it’s time for our seasonal beverage switch-up.

Here’s what’s new and good:

Pineapple Apple Mint Juice | The tang of pineapple meets the refreshing zing of mint.

Blueberry Rosemary Juice | A rosy blend infused with the familiar aroma of rosemary.

Kale Apple Cucumber Ginger Lemon Juice | This is green juice at its best.

Beet Lemonade | A classic, reinvented fuchsia-style (no really, just look at that color).

Blood Orange Green Tea | Vibrant seasonal citrus dressed up with a hint of sweetness.

Cava Grill Pineapple Apple Mint JuiceCava Grill Blueberry Rosemary JuiceCava Grill Kale Apple Cucumber Ginger Lemon JuiceCava Grill Beet LemonadeCava Grill Blood Orange Green Tea