Life’s more fun when you live it flavorfully—that’s why we pepper our days with dynamic reads, inspired adventures, brain-feeding podcasts, and recipes we’ll cook up as soon as we have the time. Here’s our Friday roundup of the five things we’re into and up to this week:

1.  Collecting | Eater
The Biggest Fall Cookbooks of 2017
Fall is fast-approaching and, as you know, with new weather comes new cravings. Dig into this curated list and start dog-earing the coziest recipes of the season.

2.  Editing | Artifact Uprising
4-Step Guide to Editing Your Phone Photos
Looks like your new Instagram aesthetic is as easy as 1, 2, 3… 4.

3. Tuning In | The New Paris Project
The New Paris Project
Who said podcasts can’t substitute for traveling? Okay, they can’t, but this one comes pretty close.

4. Scooping | For Those Who Savor
Crazy Feta, Corn, White Bean Tortilla Scoops
This crazy twist on tortilla chips just screams good time. With the days getting chillier and the call for heartier bites forthcoming, we’re looking forward to inside gatherings with this on the menu.

5. Fueling | Washingtonian
6 Eggs, 2 Avocados, and CAVA: What a DC Trainer Who Leads 20 Classes a Week Really Eats in a Day
It turns out eating like a professional trainer means more CAVA– a diet we can most definitely get behind.