Life’s more fun when you live it flavorfully—that’s why we pepper our days with dynamic reads, inspired adventures, brain-feeding podcasts, and recipes we’ll cook up as soon as we have the time. Here’s our Friday roundup of the five things we’re into and up to this week:

1. Harvesting | Modern Farmer
Cropped: How to Grow Cider Apples
It’s fall and it’s safe to say we’re thriving. Here’s how to take a step away from autumn amateur and up your hard cider game to max fall potential.

2. Reimagining | Bon Appétit
Julia Child, Like You’ve Never Seen Her Before
Cooking icon meets classic tube top and we can never go back. These never before seen photographs from Paul Child’s personal photo book shed a new light on Julia Child’s image.

3. Topping | For Those Who Savor
Red Pepper Hummus Flatbread with Chicken and Veggies
All the veggies. All the feta. All the hummus. This flatbread is exactly what you need after a long day at the office, a hike to see the leaves, or an exciting night of binge-watching Netflix.

4. Debating | The Sporkful
Is A Takeout Burger A Lesser Burger
With new services like GrubHub and Ubereats, this podcast is more relevant than ever. Here’s the ultimate question: Does food become a less delicious version of itself in the time it takes to deliver?

5. Sweating | Furthermore
Try It: High-Velocity Training
Heart rates up, sneakers ready. High-Velocity Training is working with lower weight and faster speed to build your power over time. And in this case, power is sustaining a high level of intensity. On your marks, get set, TRAIN.