Life’s more fun when you live it flavorfully—that’s why we pepper our days with dynamic reads, inspired adventures, brain-feeding podcasts, and recipes we’ll cook up as soon as we have the time. Here’s our Friday roundup of the five things we’re into and up to this week:

1. Learning | New York Times
An Ingredient Yotam Ottolenghi Can’t Do Without
Spoiler alert: One of Yotam Ottolenghi’s must-have ingredients ranks among our favorites too — it’s tahini! This cookbook author, chef, and restaurateur cites his Middle Eastern upbringing as the catalyst for this ingredient love, and then counts the many reasons, both sweet and savory, why he’s the first to say, “Rare is the dish not improved with a drizzle of tahini sauce.”

2. Cooking | For Those Who Savor
Tzatziki-Marinated Shrimp Skewers
Grilling season, we knew we loved you. Not only is this shrimp a cinch, but it answered our call for something elevated just enough to impress dad for Father’s Day. An extra pro-tip? Keep Harissa handy for the perfect spin on cocktail sauce to boldly spice up your skewers.

3. Exploring | Condé Nast Traveler
This Danish Forest Is Getting a Spiraling Treetop Walkway
If you thought forests were beautiful from the ground up, just imagine their mystique from 148 feet above. A trip to Gisselfeld Klosters Skove (a preserved forest an hour south of Copenhagen) will soon mean winding up a 1,969 pathway through pine trees to enjoy some of the most picturesque views you never knew you needed.

4. Listening | 99% Invisible
In the Same Ballpark
They say good design is 99% invisible, and this pod aims to prove it. Up this week: the incredible impact Oriole Park at Camden Parks had in (literally!) shaping stadiums and arenas that came after it. Its influence wasn’t just limited to architecture, though. Many credit it with helping to recreate fans’ relationship with the sport completely, providing a more enjoyable and accessible game-watching experience for all.

5. Craving | Bon Appétit
7 Savory Delicious Ice Creams Made of CHEESE
Cheesecake isn’t the only sweet cheesy treat on the block anymore. We’re seriously tempted to make a road trip out of this article, which outlines seven ice creameries that incorporate our two favorite dairy products into their menu. Balsamic Fig Marscapone ice cream sandwiches and Burrata soft serve, we’re coming for you.