Life’s more fun when you live it flavorfully—that’s why we pepper our days with dynamic reads, inspired adventures, brain-feeding podcasts, and recipes we’ll cook up as soon as we have the time. Here’s our Friday roundup of the five things we’re into and up to this week:

1. Prepping | Food Republic
How to Plan and Create Balanced Meals All Week Long
Coming up with savory, mouth-watering, and nutritional meals on the spot is not an easy task. The good news: This article makes it way easier to maximize our time and flavor.

2. Eating | For Those Who Savor
Harissa Shrimp and Guacamole Crostini
Guacamole: A dip so revered we couldn’t wait to use it this week. Partner it with Harissa-smothered shrimp and you’ll have a bite-sized treat with a big flavor impact.

3. Protecting | The New York Times
How to Stay Safe in The Great Outdoors
Family camping trips are a great time to bond and create lifelong memories. However, those memories can easily become tainted when faced with some less-than-desirable situations. Here’s the ultimate guide to preventing any mid-mountain terrors.

4. Upgrading| Thrillist
How to Score Free Upgrades When You Travel (Without Being A Jerk About it) 
The art of free is just that – an art. In order to be a master artist, Thrillist has compiled a list of ways to level up your vacation. Try these tips on your next trip for a sweeter experience. Rule 1: A smile goes a long way!

5. Listening | TED
Sincerely, X
This relatively new Podcast from TED touches on situations where we may lose sight of our better judgment but always learn from our mistakes. Our suggestion? Start from the first episode and prepared to be instantly hooked.