Life’s more fun when you live it flavorfully—that’s why we pepper our days with dynamic reads, inspired adventures, brain-feeding podcasts, and recipes we’ll cook up as soon as we have the time. Here’s our Friday roundup of the five things we’re into and up to this week:

1.  Experiencing |The New York Times
Camping Today: Goodbye Pup Tent; Hello Wifi
Is roughing it about to see a slow fade out from camping culture? It’s possible. Seems these days people are installing apps, not tents – and we’re not entirely sure how to feel about it.

2.  Cooking | For Those Who Savor
Harissa Crab Cakes
Crab cakes are a summertime staple – fresh, delicious, and now Harissa-level spicy. We’re soaking up this classic as often as we can before it’s too late.

3. Speeding | The Kitchn
5 Tips That Make Unpacking Groceries Faster and Easier
We admit it. Unpacking bags is our least favorite part of grocery shopping. Good news, though: Thanks to this article, we’ll be spending less time stocking our pantry and more time eating it.

4. Snacking | People
Why Snack Breaks Are the New Lunch Breaks
A lunch break can seem like a huge commitment sometimes. If an hour away from your desk induces more fear than fun, we’re hearing news of a sweet (but more approachable) alternative.

5. Listening | NPR
Podcast: It’s Been A Minute
What’s the difference between satire and the truth? The Onion. This week on NPR’s podcast, It’s Been A Minute, we get a firsthand look at the biggest (fake) news source in the world.