When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sports, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. Foolproof Tips for Cooking Every Style of Eggs Thrillist

Winter is upon us – the days are getting shorter and colder, and the motivation to get out of our warm beds is near nil. With these tips, though, we’re feeling a little bit better about setting ourselves up for an eggs-cellent day. Bad pun intended.

2. A Legendary Pizza Maker Steps Away From the Fire | The New York Times

Talk about an inspiring and delicious story. Chris Bianco, pizza legend, is trading flour for fun and taking a step back from his spot in the kitchen. After being warned that having his head in the pizza oven was hurting his health, Bianco decided to pivot to a new kind of restaurant scene – sans ‘za – in the name of health and continued reinvention. 

3. Recipe for a Slightly Spooky, Very Easy Halloween Table Setting | Food52

Trick or treating might be out of the picture, but Halloween can still be fun and festive. Food52 has the ultimate table decorations to create a spooky, Pinterest-ready setting for the big night. A sneak peek: Grab those spiny branches from the yard and get ready for a whole lot of black. Costumes on, candy corn ready, table game strong.

4. Think bringing one carry-on for a two-week trip is hard? Try only packing 11 pounds.The Washington Post

All the travel, none of the hidden baggage fees. Cutting down your load can be tough but so worth it in the end. Alexa’s defeat of the 11 pound bag limit has us ready to leave that unnecessary pairs of shoes at home. Our suitcases may be getting lighter, but our wallets aren’t.

5. 16 Soothing Soups To Eat When You’re Sick | BuzzFeed

With falling leaves comes the rise of tissue season, and what goes best with sniffles and sneezes? Soup, of course. BuzzFeed has recipes for the best bowls to pick you back up when your immune system lets you down. Get your spoons ready.