When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sports, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. This Coach’s Insane Olympic Athlete Meal Plan Is Basically Just a Ton of Meat and NutsMunchies

We all know famous duos – Bonnie and Clyde, Scooby and Shaggy, Beyoncé and Jay Z. Now here’s a new one: meat and nuts. Strength training coach Charles R. Poliquin swears this breakfast hack is the key to success – Olympic-level success. Hold on while we trade our pancakes for buffalo burgers. Tokyo 2020, here we come.

2. America’s Pumpkin Queen Has a Request: Don’t Carve, CookThe New York Times

The Pumpkin Queen has spoken and this season jack-o’-lanterns are out, and pumpkin recipes are in. Sarah Frey grows Pinterest-worthy pumpkins and has the Frye boot collection to back them up. Forget traditional hollowing techniques – there’s a new motivation for pumpkin carving, and it tastes better than it decorates.

3. 6 Ways to Save Money at Whole Foods (It’s Possible!)Bon Appétit

If you don’t accidentally break the bank on every Whole Foods trip then you’re a grocery-shopping master and we applaud you. Here, Kate Neu – the company’s Global Sales & Supplier Marketing Manager  shares 6 little hacks that can help keep your budget in-check. From now on, we’re doing Whole Foods right.

4. 15 Ways You’re Probably Cooking Food WrongBuzzFeed

Some people are award-winning chefs; some occasionally dabble in the art of cooking; some are best friends with their microwave and toaster  and that’s as good as it gets. No matter where you are, though, these tips will take you one step closer to your full cooking potential. Next thing you know you could be our generation’s Julia Child, and Meryl Streep could be playing you in a movie. #you’rewelcome

5. 11 Daring Dishes to Eat | National Geographic

If you’re a disciple of the “When in Rome…” outlook on traveling, you may find yourself forking into some seriously bold eats on your next adventure. We may have to muster up some courage before ordering one of these 11 dishes, but –let’s be real – we’re game. Where to first: Thailand for ants or Norway for reindeer?