When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sports, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. Butterball Will Open a 24/7 Text Line this Thanksgiving for All Your Turkey QuestionsMashable

Thanksgiving dinner is like a giant turkey-shaped cloud looming over our heads. There are so many questions and Google only has so many answers. And once the relatives start showing up, the panic starts growing faster than the number of people surrounding the warm pumpkin pie on the table. Good thing Butterball’s 24/7 cooking helpline is only one text away this year. “Hi Turkey Tutor, we’ve got a couple questions…”

2. Seasonal Produce Guide | The LA Times

We’ve been told to eat fruits and vegetables since we were little, but no one ever taught us the what’s what of good produce – aka how to buy, where to buy, when to buy, and how to store. The LA Times breaks it down by product so you can add primetime for your favorite fruits and veggies – from apples (August-November) to winter squash (September-December) – to your calendar. Our fridges just got a little fuller.

3. How to Hollow a Book for Stashing Secrets (or Candy)Food52

Halloween is in the past and that means eating candy all day every day is ever so slightly less socially acceptable. The good news? There’s a hack for that: Hollow out a big old book to stash your leftovers for secret snacking. It’s Pinterest-perfect and practical, so needless to say, we’ll take it.

4. Artisanal Pizza Made by Bruno the Robot, and Other True Tales of Automated FoodThe Washington Post

If robots take over the world, at least we’ll still have artisanal pizza. Straight out of Silicon Valley, some new friends have taken over the cooking process, making beautiful pies in less than 7 minutes – brb, placing our order now.

5. Signs You’re in a Fake DivebarThrillist

Thrillist is setting the record straight once and for all: You’re not really a dive bar if you call yourself a dive bar. The term has been co-opted and the real dives are taking a stand. They’ve laid out the terms and conditions of a genuine, 100%, truly real dive bar scene (hint: there’s no wifi code and definitely no full menu).