When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sports, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. 3 Infused Water Ideas to Keep Holiday Guests Hydrated | The Chalkboard

What says holidays more than hydration? These infused water recipes are festive, fun, and totally functional. If you’re passing the cocktails around, these are a must-have. Water and wellness? Almost too good to be true.

2. How to Plan an Extended Vacation | The New York Times

Notebooks out, pencil ready, perfect vacation here we come. It can be scary to drop what you’re doing and take your dream trip, but it’s a total must-do. In this article a pro-vacation planner breaks it down and plans out how to have the best extended vacation. Simple steps, mind-blowing results.

3. Coca-Cola Invented a Bottle That Takes Selfies, Because We Really Needed That | Adweek

Coca-Cola has taken the selfie game to a whole new level. Everyone, meet the Coca-Cola selfie-taking bottle, Coca-Cola selfie-taking bottle meet everyone. While only available at Israel’s biggest outdoor festival, Summer Love, the new bottle didn’t fail to make all the Instagrammers out there swoon at the possibilities. Cheers to good lighting and good soda.

4. 5 Ways to Make Your Thanksgiving Leftovers Seem Brand New | Food52

Thanksgiving may be in our rearview mirror, yet our fridges are still so stuffed with turkey and mashed potatoes we might as hold a second dinner. When the amount of leftovers gets rough, you’ve just got to get tough: Here are five drool-inducing ways to free up fridge space. You’re welcome.

5. The Only 4 Cardio Exercises You Need (No Jogging Necessary) | Thrillist

Mistletoe is in the air and holiday cookies are basically in the oven. Instead of saying no to treats, say yes to working these new cardio exercises into your fitness regimen. (Spoiler: Does not contain running for extended periods of time.) We’re talking intervals, burpees, and so much more — sneakers on, let’s do this.