When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sports, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. How To Beat the Bloat (a.k.a Food Baby)The Washington Post

Thanksgiving, the holy-eat-your-heart-out holiday, is right around the corner. For those days when you just can’t, though, here’s the how-to of avoiding a food baby: fine-tune fiber, skip sugar-free sweeteners, chew slowly, eat smaller meals, watch salt, and exercise. Now you have all the tools to beat the bloat (after one last piece of pumpkin pie, of course). 

2. This Total Solar Eclipse Photo Took 12 Hours to Shoot | Travel + Leisure

Imagine the Instagram potential. Photographer György Soponyai traveled to Spitsbergen in Norway to capture the total solar eclipse and the result is stunning. Freezing temperatures + on-point photo skills = genius. The next solar eclipse will be visible from the US, FINALLY, and hotels are being booked at the speed of light. Ready, set, ordering a telescope online now.

3. The 9 Best New Food Products At Whole Foods, According to a Buyer | Thrillist

Do we really need another excuse to make a Whole Foods run? We already love that it’s produce heaven and has a killer prepared-foods section. Now, here come the top things you might be missing during your weekly trips. Spoiler: all organic, all delicious, all totally getting added to our grocery list.  

4. The Movies & TV Shows Coming To Netflix In November 2016 That Belong In Your Queue ASAP | Bustle

Winter is coming and that means cozy nights with hot chocolate, a fire… and Netflix. Might want to pull up Google Calendar for what’s coming our way this month — so many amazing series, so little time.

5. The Coolest Coffee Cups from Around the World | Tasting Table

*Reads article.* *Retires old mug forever.* The coolest coffee cups from around the globe are here and designs range from maps to animals, all equally inspiring, creative, and coffee-craving inducing. Art is caffeine with a side of Sharpies and blank coffee cups.