When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sport, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. An Indoor-Outdoor Kitchen That Opens the Whole Room Up + Other Design Stories We Love | Food52

For real, an indoor-outdoor kitchen sounds awesome. This article explains how to pull it off with weather-proof materials and a gorgeous sliding glass door. Click the link above for some beautiful and budget-friendly design ideas.

2. 5 Actually Awesome Office Lunch Ideas | Bon Appetit

It’s time to start bringing a lunch you actually want to eat. Check out this article for five creative ideas for a not-at-all-boring weekday lunch. Your co-workers will definitely be jealous of your Kimchi Miso Ramen.

3. Stale Bread and Coffee Grinds Dictate My Menu | Vice

Mistakes and failures are actually “great catalysts of ingenuity in the kitchen.” Trash cooking, or turning food waste into great food, is becoming increasingly popular. This article delves into how some chefs are making “trash” amazingly delicious.

4. The Future of Medicine is Food | Quartz

Medical students in the US are learning to make healthy, homemade meals as part of their academic programs. This culinary training helps doctors give real health advice, with a nutritional aspect, to their patients.

5. This Outdoor Refrigerator in Petworth Might Reduce Food Waste | Washingtonian

“Freedge” is a community refrigerator in DC, where neighbors can leave any surplus of food, including leftovers, canned goods, produce, etc., in an effort to reduce food waste. Freedges have actually gone international — with locations as far as Romania and Brazil.