When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sports, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. The 22 Best Brunch Restaurants in America | Thrillist

Nothing completes a weekend quite like brunch. Avocado toast, poached eggs, french toasts that tastes more like heaven than fried bread — yes, please. No matter your Spring and Summer travel plans, you can bet on finding an A+ mid-morning meal in these 22 cities. Spolier alert: One of them is right here in DC. Logging onto Open Table now…

2. The 5 Second Rule Might Be A-OK After All, Scientists Say | Mashable

The title says it all. The five-second rule, stating that it’s okay to eat food off the ground if it’s only down for five or less seconds, is getting some major backup from UK scientists. Of course eating food off the ground is never risk-free, and they say the five-second rule still applies to moist foods, but dry foods are good to go for up to a half hour. Drop your chocolate, sandwiches, biscuits. Science says it’s totally fine.

3. Your Ticket to the Philippines | Richmond Mag

Sometimes you can’t just hop on a flight and jetset to the other side of the world. But that doesn’t change you inner explorer from craving adventure. Attention Richmond friends, this new pop-up will transport you to the Philippines and back with chef Mike Ledesma’s Passport Pop-Up Series. Flight attendant, please hold drink service, we’ll have one of these 8-12 course meals instead.

4. How And Why To Keep Proof In Mind When Mixing Cocktails | Food Republic

Creating the perfect cocktail is all about balance. Every bartender (and cocktail drinker) knows a weak drink is just as disappointing as a way-too-strong one. Here’s the key to skipping the cautious sipping: Think about the alcohol’s proof when whipping up a whiskey. P.S. This article includes Amaretto Sour & White Lady recipes that will take your drink game to the next level.

5. Bring Your Own Ballpark Eats? Now That’s A Save. | Washington Post

Baseball season is up to bat, but this season we’re playing ball at a whole new game: saving money on ballpark bites. Calling all the microwave popcorn, spiced roasted chickpeas, and homemade wraps. These recipes and snack ideas are basically a homerun. *cringes at the number of baseball puns*