When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sports, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. 10 Hotels In North America Ideal for Winter Weekend Getaways | Food Republic

Everyone needs a little “me” time, so you’ll want to have this list at the ready for when the moment strikes. These top-notch relaxation destinations may be a plane ride away, but they’re the easiest way to melt away mid-winter stress and head into the spring renewed. Friends called, plans made, no regrets.

2. Here’s What Happened To All The Leftover Oscars Food This Year | Mashable

Gotta love a woman on a mission. Freida Pinto — actress, activist, and all around perfect human — is working with Copia, a company dedicated to decreasing food waste and helping LA friends in need, to make sure no food goes to waste during this award-show weekend. Once the celebs have moved on, teams assess the leftovers (think caviar and short ribs) and send them around the city to make they most of the night’s yield by feeding various LA communities.

3. This Man Cooks His Lunch On A Satellite Dish | Munchies

Solar-cooking enthusiast, Rik, brings clean energy to the next level by making satellite dish cooking seem as normal as a microwave. From hamburgers to a cup of coffee, his method makes it all. Who needs a stove when you have the sun?

4. Meaningless “All Natural” Label Changes Expectations for Buyers | Modern Farmer

Dear FDA, please change the food-label game. ASAP. Turns out faulty “All Natural” labels have customers paying up and picking wrong. Time to shop smart, honest, and for real.

5. A Vegan Cookbook for People Who Aren’t Vegan—or Cooks | Food52

To our friends who are scared of the oven and shy away from anything outside of a fork, knife, and spoon — we’ve got a cookbook for you. Jessica Prescott, a blogger from Berlin, creates the perfect recipes for kitchen first-timers. Disclaimer: even if you’re not vegan, you’re *totally* going to love it.