When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sport, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. The Most Essential Non-Essential Kitchen Gadgets | Lucky Peach

These underrated kitchen gadgets are sure to save you time while cooking. Though some of these recommended kitchen tools are for one very specific use only, these items will definitely come in handy when you least expect it (garlic slicer = YES).

2. The 9 Coolest Places to Instagram In DC | Washingtonian

From the super-neat bridge at Yards Park to colorful Capitol Hill rowhouses, this list definitely has some of DC’s most Instagram-worthy spots down. Though, we would like to add another cool place to Instagram in DC (we know, we know, the tourists…): the Cherry Blossom Festival — blooms will be in full peak this weekend!

3. The Best Food Documentaries on Netflix Right Now | Thrillist

Weekend plans: Binge watch these food picks on Netflix to unlock your inner foodie. Thrillist drafted up a useful list of drool-worthy and thoughtful food documentaries streaming on Netflix right now.

4. The Coolest Way to Cut an Avocado | The Kitchn

So long, apple roses all over your Instagram feed. Now, avocado roses are the talk of the town. All you need to make these edible garnishes is a sharp knife, a ripe avocado… and patience.

5. Gastronomy Of Genius: History’s Great Minds And The Foods That Fueled Them | NPR

As NPR points out, both genius and food “nurture, inspire, and occasionally intimidate.” Some of history’s greatest geniuses have had an interesting relationship with food. Many geniuses were picky eaters, vegetarians, and/or had quirky eating habits. Check out this article to read more about how food and genius overlap.