When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sports, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. This Is What Your Favorite Salad Green Says About You | The Kitchn
You aren’t just *any* leafy green — everyone has one that rises to the top of their salad base power rankings, and it’s finally time to dissect what your pick says about you. Are you peppery like arugula or more the adventurous mixed-greens type? Welp, there’s only one way to find out

2. 24 Ingenious Kitchen Tools to Simplify Your Cooking Life | Food52
Tortilla warmers, pizza stones, and even a layer-cake slicing kit — you may not use these helpful gadgets every day, but when you do, you’ll feel their impact. The cooking s t r u g g l e can be real at times, but count on these items to make your epicurean endeavors come to life.

3. How Lemonade Helped Paris Fend Off Plague and Other Surprising ‘Food Fights’ | NPR
Lemonade: the symbol of youth entrepreneurship, best album of 2016 (and life), and the sip that saved Paris from the Bubonic Plague?!?! Well, kind of. Food writer Tom Nealon’s Food Fights and Culture Wars is full of fun facts about how some of our food favorites rose to cultural relevance — and stayed there throughout the years.

4. These Restaurant Websites are Super Weird and Awesome | Bon Appétit
Weird is good — especially when it breeds creativity. For some restaurants across the country, that’s exactly what’s happening on their websites. See what they’ve been cooking up to keep their online presence fresh, fun, engaging, and clickable.

5. Tokyo’s New Nap Cafe is Actually a Dream Come True | Eater
But seriously, why didn’t we think of this first?! A Tokyo coffee spot will spend the week as a nap cafe, where visitors can cozy up with a cup of decaf and a snack for up to two hours of much-needed R&R. Sign us up.