When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sport, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. East City ArtNotes: Toki Synth Series 005: Reverb| East City Art

The current TOKI Synth Series 005: Reverb is the newest design installation series presented by Hemphill Fine Arts. The Synth Series uses yarn to picture sounds of music in three dimensions.  You might’ve caught their work in the deserted industrial space over in Northeast DC last summer, and you definitely don’t want to miss this fresh installation currently on display at 17th and L Street NW in DC.

2.Get Your Caffeine Fix At DC’s Best Coffee Shops| Thrillist

Coffee might be the most important drink of the day (ok, so water’s important, but coffee is essential). Check out this list of the best coffee shops in DC. Our personal recommendation: our pals Compass Coffee, who stock our DCA airport location with the good stuff.

3. Here Are the Cheapest Days of the Week for You to Buy Beer and Wine | Munchies

Who knew that buying booze could be a calculated science — a money-saving science, that is. The day you decide to grab your booze could cost you. Learn which day of the week could save you major coins on your favorite spirits.

4. Meet SwagBot, the Robot Cowboy that Can Herd and Monitor Cattle on Its Own| Modern Farmer

Swagbot is the robot that could change farming as we know it! This technological invention was created to help Australian farmers in the country’s outback farmsteads, which are vast and far from the city. SwagBot is able to keep tabs on cattle, helping to guide the cows towards pastures and away from potential hazards. This is a seriously cool way that technology’s enhancing our food cycle.

5. Put Beer In Your Pizza Crust! Here How | Food52

Pizza is a must-have year-round, so grab your favorite beer and put a spin on it this summer. Check out this recipes where you can infuse beer into your pizza dough for an extra dose of hearty yeast flavor — and the smell’s pretty great, too.