When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sport, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. The Fourth Awakens | Tasting Table

We can practically taste the long weekend, and we’re already planning our festive eats. Indulge in some of the most irreplaceable holiday’s eats, like hot dogs and snow cones, and learn to make new treats like “frickles.”

2. The 14 Best Brunches in the World | Travel + Leisure

Brunch is a favorite for the residents of way more spots than just DC. Many places across the world take part in this merry mix of breakfast and lunch. You can find a perfect mid-day meal in places such as San Francisco, Shanghai, Portland, and Buenos Aires. Who’s booking our flight?

3. 15 Summery Sandwiches to Take to the Beach | Food52

Pack the perfect sandwich to make your sun-filled beach day that much more wonderful. Try an avocado and marinated kale salad sandwich or a green goddess chicken sandwich. With 15 variations, you’ll be sure to find something that fits the bill — we’re not taking responsibilty for sand crunch, though.

4. NFL Is Teaming With Cirque du Soleil to Draw New Fans | The New York Times

Cirque du Soleil, recognized for its thrilling, awe-inspiring acrobatics, and the NFL, known of course for its pulverizing hits, are collaborating in an exhibit and production coming to New York City next year. Now this we’ll have to see.

5.  10 Smart Ways to Garden on a Budget | Food52

As easy as gardening might seem, it’s a huge task and can quickly become costly. Incorporate seed swapping, repurpose items for gardening tools, and learn to grown from seeds instead of plant seedlings — all pro tips that’ll help you become a seasoned gardener in no time!