When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sports, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

  1. How to Throw a Pizza Party | Lucky Peach
    Sure, the days of classroom pizza parties are nostalgic, but now you’ve got the friends, equipment, and kitchen know-how for a major upgrade. Grab some dough and put your fellow pie lovers to work — there’s ‘za to be made, and more importantly, eaten!

  2. 5 Tips for a Happier Pantry | The Kitchn
    We’re not saying there’s a *direct* correlation between cooking success and pantry prep, but there’s no denying the two are closely tied. Stock up on spices, plan ahead, take a #shelfie — there are plenty of ways to motivate proper pantry upkeep, and you’ll be so happy you did.  
  1. What It’s Like to Be a Professional Pickle Tester | Munchies
    You’ve heard of dream jobs, but professional pickle tester might just take the cake. For Maik Maetzke, pickles are the family business and a day in the life includes everything from quality control to developing new flavors and — you guessed it — taste testing.

  2. 24 Answers to the “What Do I Want for Dinner?” Question | Food52
    It’s a tough question, so your first task is to narrow the field. Comfort food or something quick? Are you hoping to make something that fits between two slices or a dish with a little more oomph? With 24 options as delicious as these, you can breathe easy: the promised land is within sight.

  3. What We Mix Into Our Movie Theater Popcorn | Bon Appétit
    Let’s be real, popcorn is pretty much a perfect snack all on its own. But, when you stop viewing it as the main event and start seeing it as a picture-perfect snacking vehicle, that’s when things really start to get fun. Just jazz it up with all the crunchy, chocolatey, sweet, and salty goodness and dig in.