When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sports, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

  1. 21 Breakfasts You Can Make with 5 Ingredients or Less | Food52
    Our breakfast requirements: E A S Y and delicious, so an ingredient cap of five sounds *right* up our alley. Also up our alley? Sriracha Maple Bacon, scrambled egg tacos with avocado, tomato and cream cheese turnovers, and three-minute hash browns.

  2. Scientists Say Playing This 10-Minute Game Stops Junk Food Cravings | Munchies
    No one is safe from the occasional doughnut craving, but with the help of a new app, you might be able to turn your focus elsewhere when they strike. Enter the Food Trainer app, a ten-minute game that can help you kick your health into high gear.

  3. This is How You Should Actually Be Foam Rolling Post-Workout | Well + Good
    Treating your body well is a full-time job. You already know eating right and working out is a big part of it, but have you thought about your post-gym stretch routine? With the help of a simple roller, you can make sure you fully recover after every workout.

  4. 6 Mindfulness Practices for Busy Weeknight Cooking | The Kitchn
    Whistle while you work. Be mindful while you cook. We all have different ways of passing time as we go about our daily tasks, but what if you make an effort to not just pass time, but be present for every moment of it? Practice with these tips — it’s worth it, we promise.

  5. Treat Your Baked Potatoes Like Tacos: Fill ‘Em | Bon Appétit
    Taco ‘bout a killer cold-weather dinner idea. We’ve yet to meet a potato we don’t love, so we’re willing to bet this recipe is what winter comfort food dreams are made of.