When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sport, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1) Most Popular Recipes in the Decade You Were Born | The Daily Meal

Ever curious about the most popular recipe from your decade of birth? Any guesses? Check out this slideshow to explore the last 12 decades of food history and learn why certain recipes were so popular in their time.

2) 12 Punny Valentine’s Day Cards Your S.O. Will Love | Brit + Co

Give your significant other or friend all of the giggles with these 12 punny Valentine’s Day cards. Confession: We indulged and created our own set of punny cards for the occasion. Don’t worry, we’re falafelling for you, too.

3) The New Generation of Nomadic Chefs | New York Times

With the recent surge of restaurant takeovers and pop-up events, many young chefs are part of the trend of bouncing from place to place. Skim this article to see the top innovative nomadic chefs to keep your eye on.

4) 7 Farm +  Food True Loves | Modern Farmer

Some soulmates aren’t exactly obvious. From craft brewers + grassfed cows to beneficial insects + brassicas, long-time farmers helped compile a list of perfect matches that help them produce our food.

5) These Giant Bloody Marys Blur the Line Between Cocktail and Meal | Los Angeles Magazine

Welcome to the world of extreme Bloody Marys. Who needs to order food when your Bloody Mary comes with sauced Buffalo chicken wings with blue cheese crumbles, pulled pork sliders, a grilled cheese with bacon, or mini waffles on top?