When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sports, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. Small Cheese Makers Invest in a Stinky Science | The New York Times

Basic rule of thumb: Never trust someone who doesn’t love cheese. A bunch of small time cheese farmers (hello, career goals) are reaching out to scientists to create new cheeses that are bigger, better, and ~even more delicious~ than before. We’re thinking that might not be possible, but we’re down to see how this one plays out. Goggles on, taste testers ready.

2. Healthy Vegetarian Recipes Food and Wine

From tofu salad to three-mushroom salad, there’s something in it for every vegetarian at the table. These recipes have our mouths watering, ovens turned on, and dinner parties planned. BRB calling all our meat-free friends now.

3. I Got Rid of Tipping at My Restaurant to Fight Racism, Sexism, and Unlivable Wages | VICE

Activism, meet avocados. This article touches on a lot, namely one restaurant owner’s thesis that tipping may skew the safe space environment of the food spots we frequent. So, a new policy was born, and it’s all about equal opportunity (aaand amazing food).

4. 5 of NYC’s Favorite Restaurants Are Coming To L.A. | LA Times

We love to see two of our favorite cities coming together — so much so that we’re wishing we could hop on a plane right now and follow these amazing NYC bites to the West Coast. As the article says “brunch, baos, and plenty of booze.” Yes, please.

5. Protein Shakes, Cava Grill, and Tacos: What a Super-Fit Flywheel Instructor Eats in a Day | Washingtonian

Mad respect to anyone who hits the gym. Totally goals. Flywheel is an indoor cycling class that pushes you to the max on the daily. If you want inspiration and perspiration look no further. This Flywheel pro reveals what he eats in a day and we’re HONORED to be on the list. SuperGreens all around.