When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sport, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1) The Cookbook That Will Actually Make You Crave Healthy Food | Bon Appetit

Joining forces with Sarah Dickerman, Bon Appetit brings us holiday bingers the Food Lover’s Cleanse book, which builds off of the past few years’ worth of Food Lovers Cleanses produced by the Bon Appetit digital team. After a long, hard (ok, not so hard) holiday of cookies and cocktails, we are going to need to dive into this one.

2) 5 Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipes | Tasting Table

Remember loving those little powdered packets of hot chocolate as a kid? Being an adult doesn’t mean you have to give up on this amazing winter treat — just upgrade it! Make your own adult hot cocoa with a shot of a little something extra.

3) It’s Alive!: DC Streetcar Will Begin Final Testing Phase | DCist

The District Department of Transportation just announced that the streetcar project will begin pre-revenue operations soon. We’ll believe it when we see it, but they’re saying this is the final test for the streetcars to become safety certified. Things could officially kick off as early January 11, 2016.

4) Visit These Under the Radar Cruise Destinations Before Anyone Else | Thrillist

Let’s face it; while the winter cold hasn’t hit that bad, some of us are already looking for an escape from the holiday stress and chill. For those who long to be on a cruise anywhere, check out this new list of under-the-radar destinations — we’re talking everything from Norway to Guatemala.

5) Even Lazy People Can Make this Fancy Edible Gift | Bon Appetit

If you haven’t had enough edible gifting inspiration from us yet, check out Bon Appetit‘s simple take on a fancy flavored oil for your hosts this holiday season.