When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sports, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. These Robotic Spoons Are Changing The Lives of People with Limited Mobility | Mashable

We’re all about innovation — especially when it helps people from every walk of life explore and enjoy their culinary endeavors. These semi-robotic utensils use vibrations and a flexible neck to grant people with limited mobility mealtime independence and the means to savor every bite. Move over Silicon Valley, there’s a new game changer in town.

2. How To Make an Impressive Cheese Plate At Trader Joe’s for $21 | Thrillist

Holiday parties galore mean you have to be ready with an arsenal of appetizer ideas. Before you lose your jingle bells in the kitchen, Thrillist has the perfect fix- an easy, quick Trader Joe’s cheese plate. Nothing says classy like a little Brie, Swiss, and Mistletoe.

3. The Art Of Throwing Martinis, A Technique With A Curious History | Food Republic

Nothing like a little martini to take the holiday stress edge off. Here’s all you needed to know about throwing martinis, from gin to lemon twists and all the olives. Can’t you just taste the history? As they say, we’ll take ours shaken, not stirred.

4. 24 Of The Worst Things Hipsters Did To Food In 2016 | Buzzfeed

We’ll take an acai bowl over a regular smoothie anyway, but sometimes being ~original~ with food gets a little too funky for comfort. Coffee served in a test tube? Interesting. Ice cream in a mini bathtub? You do you, hipsters — as long as the food’s delish, we’re game.

5. An App That Puts Wine Reviews in Your PocketThe New York Times

Wine reviews at your fingertips? Secret Santa just got a little easier. This app gives you the lowdown on wines before you buy. With opinions by amateur and professional wine tasters, you can run the wine aisle like it’s the Grammys and you’re Beyonce. #Owned