When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sport, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. 11 Foods to DIY with Your AC Blasting | Food52 

We’re officially knee-deep into summer and the humidity is showing no sign of slowing down. The last thing you want to do for a great at-home meal is to turn on the stove. Learn what to make with minimal oven usage (cereal is not dinner, guys). First on our list? The beet-cured salmon.

2. Summer Read: 15 Important Food Politics Stories You May Have Missed | Thrillist

The food biz has some pretty exciting things happening right now. Stay in the loop on some of the standout political tie-ins with this roundup. There’s coverage on everything from the growing number of restaurants serving grass-fed burgers to a new study that shows people living in “organic hotspot” counties are likely to fare better financially than those living in other agriculture communities.

3. 50 Ways To Take Your DC Summer To The Next Level | Thrillist

Sure, some of these are a little DC 101, but we’re still up for trying to tackle as many as we can! Schedule a crab feast, try a campfire cocktail at Bonfire, or drink in the view along the Georgetown waterfront.

4. This Tiny Berry Could Help Save the Amazon | Munchies

The new superfruit trend has the potential to save the Amazon. The açaí berry has gained popularity around the world due to its antioxidant-rich, vitamin-packed makeup, but it could have way more value than just powering your morning smoothie. The popularity of açaí could be a huge environmental + economic opportunity for parts of the world where the timber industry is sometimes seen as one of the only viable (if environment-harming) options.

5. How Artists Live: Incredibly Creative Homes Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before | Apartment Therapy

In need of some decorative inspiration? Look no further! Check out how these artists have made their homes their canvasses. Hey, if we had these skills, we’d be painting on our walls, too.