When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sports, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. This Trendy Ice Cream Cone Looks Like Bubble Wrap and Tastes Like a Waffle | Washington Post

Belgian waffle, meet ice cream cone. This new Hong Kong-inspired dessert is total food porn and a certified must-try. ‘Scuse me, ice cream, you’ve just been upgraded, and we’re obsessed.

2. 9 Incredible Countries Where You Can Live For Under $1,000 a Month | Thrillist

If your adventurous side is calling, good news: A gorgeous abroad abode can be yours on the cheap. This article from Thrillist says to just YOLO, pack up, and start your life again in one of these Instagram-worthy locations. We’re down, but we’d probably miss Greens + Grains while we’re gone.

3. What Is Mushroom Coffee, And Should You Drink It? | Food Republic

This guy’s on a mission to make the world’s healthiest coffee, and no matter where you stand on the coffee scale, a mug of mushroom coffee is definitely worth a shot. Here’s what you need to know: Mushroom coffee is basically just dried boiled mushrooms added to coffee to enhance its nutrient factor, and potential benefits include lowered anxiety and support for the adrenal glands. BRB grabbing our mugs now.

4. People Attempt To Sing The ‘Stranger Things’ Theme Song…It’s Both Awkward And Amazing | Mashable

So many shows, so little time. This video from our friends at Mashable asks people to sing the wordless track that opens Netflix’s Stranger Things. And it’s exactly as its title describes. Totally awkward. Totally Amazing. Totally weekend binge-watching vibes.

5. A Guide to Egg Varieties | Lucky Peach

Here you go. We’re giving you the DL on *all the eggs* so that you can up your brunch game… pronto. Spoiler: There are so many different types of eggs, the possibilities just might be endless. Insert horrible egg pun here (something along the lines of “how egg-citing” or “we’re not yolking around”).