When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sport, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. Everything That Happens to Your Body on Hot Sauce | Thrillist

Humans have evolved to crave both pleasure and pain, which explains why people find hot sauce so delicious. Your brain literally releases endorphins, creating almost a runner’s high, when you add hot sauce to your dish. Make sure to try CAVA’s version of hot sauce: harissa.

2. 5 Things You Should Purge from Your Pantry This Spring | The Kitchn

Spring is here! If you’re in the mood for some spring cleaning, use these tips to tidy up your pantry. Tossing expired canned goods and duplicates will definitely make your pantry–and life–more organized.

3. This Man Is Building the World’s Most Northern Brewery | Vice

A man is founding a brewery with a unique feature: it is the most northern craft beer brewery in the world, in the Arctic city of Longyearbyen. The locals of the town are quite excited for such a brewery experience, along with travelers.

4. Let Your Kids Use Sharp Knives and Hot Stoves | Washington Post

Letting your child use a sharp knife seems dangerous, but if you want your kid to love cooking and to cook with confidence, it is best to put aside your fears. This article gives some clever tips to help parents release their kid’s inner chef.

5. Need a New Hobby? We Recommend Playing Musical Vegetables | Modern Farmer

Recently, classical music has been getting more avant-garde, which has led us to using vegetables as instruments. Vegetables make great instruments because they’re cheap, readily available, and can be easily carved and whittled. The videos included in this article will definitely make you look at food a little differently.