When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sports, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. The Surprising History Behind Honeymoons | New York Post

Wedding season is upon us which means the post-vow adventures are kicking off. The history of honeymoons may be a little less The Notebook and a little more Downton Abbey but good news, this adventurous tradition is still evolving. Say hello to just-married road trips, double vacations, volunteer adventures, and more.

2. How To Day Drink: The Definitive Guide | Thrillist

With Spring comes boozy brunch, tipsy picnics, and happy hours. Surviving is definitely a test of your endurance, self-control, and planning skills. Here’s what to eat, what to drink, and tips for in-between. Hangover, you’ve got nothing on us.

3. Five-Minute Mentor: Michael Ableman | Modern Farmer

Words of wisdom from this Canadian agriculture pro and activist lead first-time farmers to find a passion for produce and planting. After launching several nonprofits and books about his journey, Ableman works to help people find their calling through crops and move past mistakes. Time to roll up your sleeves and grab some seeds.

4. 20 All-Natural Spring Cleaning Tricks For the Kitchen | Food52

Time to get all that gunk out, and kick off your Spring kitchen adventures on a cleaner note. Here are some tips to dust, scrub, and shine your way to a fresh start. Totally natural, totally needed.

5. 16 Magical Unicorn Recipes To Make This Weekend | BuzzFeed

The unicorn trend is officially coming home with you — that means endless sugar comas and all of the Instagram potential at your fingertips. Here are 16 recipes that will make any weekend sparkle — from cupcake cones to rainbow hot chocolate, talk about eating colorfully.