When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sport, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. Our Favorite Outdoor Spots—Some Secret!—in N.Y.C. | Food52

This list gives you the lowdown on the best spots to eat outside, the most awesome green patches, and the prettiest parks in NYC to enjoy as the weather warms up. We can’t wait to check out some of these underrated places when we open in NYC this summer!

2. Every State’s Most Important Food Innovation | Thrillist

Many states can get quite creative with their specialty food offerings. Some you can guess — like crab cakes for Maryland — but some states’ food innovations may surprise you.

3. 16 Lessons I Learned from a Year of Traveling (and Eating) Around the World | Bon Appetit

Travel and new food often go hand-in-hand. Take a look at this article to get the most of your next gastronomic adventuring. A few of our favorites: going out of the way to find the next great meal and finding a local coffee shop near ur accommodations each morning.

4. Trend Spotting: Copper in the Kitchen | Apartment Therapy

Copper is definitely the metal of the moment right now, particularly in kitchens. Copper can be used to make a statement in the kitchen — or just as a subtle detail. Check out this article featuring 12 creative copper-influenced kitchens for the ultimate inspiration.

5. How Food Became Pop Culture | Lucky Peach

Mario Batali discusses the evolution of cooking and dining in America. Particularly, as food TV shows have become more and more popular, people have wanted a food experience. Nowadays, people are “hungry for the information, hungry for the food, hungry for the experience.”