When it comes to culture, we’re interested in lots of it… music, art, sports, and most of all, food. Here’s what we’re into this week:

1. Personal Space: It’s Losing Ground At Your Local Bar | Washington Post

Everyone loves life with a cocktail in hand and good friends by your side, but lately it seems bars are getting a bit too smushed to really enjoy. Think airplane ride, no extra legroom tight. *Shudders* The reason? Blame it on the need to squeeze more stools in for hungry foodies. On second thought, we might be fine with this recent trend if food’s involved.

2. Jungle Puppies Captured on Film for the First Time | National Geographic

This. Is. Not. A. False. Alarm. If you’re a puppy lover, your heart is about to explode. And the most exciting part? These animals have never been documented before. You heard it here first: This is jungle puppy history in the making.

3.  Two-Bite Cakes That Look Like Easter Eggs (and Taste Even Better) | Food52

Because there’s not enough sugar in your life during Easter weekend, here’s a recipe that will satisfy your sweet tooth and be the cutest thing at the party. Shaped like eggs, made of cake, topped with adorable frosting. The Easter Bunny did good this year.

4. The Best Movies Of 2017 (So Far) | Thrillist

With weekends comes free time, and this is how we think you should spend it. These lesser-known top movies of 2017 have us sitting at the edge of our seats — you might want to stop for some popcorn on your way home from work today.

5. From the Ashes of a Failed Relationship Comes Great Bread | Munchies

From love to loaves, Kate Pepper channeled her heartbreak into breadmaking and the result is stunning… and delicious. This little California baker creates rustic breads with personality and passion. Warning: this article may cause an excessive craving for bread and a newfound appreciation for Kate Pepper.