Food is a force of good. Which is why we work with amazing community partners to improve and empower healthy eating in our cities.

Though the school year may soon be drawing to a close, that doesn’t mean our friends at the Garden School Foundation in Los Angeles will stop doing what they do best: creating living, interactive classrooms that help elementary school kiddos thrive.

Our partners at The Garden School Foundation provide a unique experience through interactive gardens embedded at elementary schools across the Los Angeles area. They work to give children the tools they need to live healthy and happy lives through understanding the importance of mindful eating and caring for the Earth. An inspiration to more than 2,500 students and families to date, this incredible organization is bringing life into fulfilling and healthful food for younger generations in often-underserved areas.

This summer, our friends at Garden School will be taking their “Seed-to Table” philosophy and applying it to real little seeds — KIDS!

CAVA Los Angeles Community Partner | Garden School Foundation City Seedings Program

Through a two one-week sessions, little campers will be introduced to Garden School Foundation’s 1.5 acres of organic and edible gardens by taking part in activities like cooking, gardening, games, and arts and crafts.  

This innovative City Seedlings program is one that focuses on gardening and cooking, giving kids an opportunity to learn where food comes from, and how to create healthy recipes with ingredients straight from the garden. At the end of each day, campers will have learned new recipes like garden sushi, taco salads, and bike-blended smoothies. Not only will they become mini-chefs; they’ll also be engaged in science-related activities all in the Garden School Foundation’s very own living garden-laboratory.

CAVA Los Angeles Community Partner | Garden School Foundation City Seedings Program

Perhaps the single best thing about this program isn’t how much kiddos will learn — it’s how much fun this experience is for all those involved!  If you’re a parent interested in registering your child, you can do so here; or, if you want to be a part of the camp, apply to be a camp counselor intern here.

June 20th through 24th and June 27th through July 1st
2055 West 24th Street
Los Angeles, California

Looking for other ways to get involved? Put the annual Garden School Fiesta (May 21) on your calendar — some of our team from CAVA will be there. You can also contribute to Garden School’s ongoing fundraising efforts here.