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Crazy Feta-Stuffed Burger with Green Tomatoes & Sriracha Greek Yogurt | For Those Who Savor

Crazy Feta Stuffed Burger

Rounding out the ultimate trio of burger recipes for Labor Day Weekend? This indulgent, just-classic-enough FETA-STUFFED burger.
Quinoa Tabbouleh Chickpea Burger with Beet Ketchup & Roasted Peaches | For Those Who Savor

Chickpea Quinoa Veggie Burger

No burger roundup could be complete without a good (really, truly GOOD) veggie burger recipe. This one can be easily adjusted to go from vegetarian to vegan, too. Oh, and beet ketchup.
Harissa Lamb Burger with Fried Haloumi & Tzatziki | For Those Who Savor

Harissa Lamb Burger

We’re still in awe of how quickly September snuck up on us. But we’re going to use Labor Day weekend to soak up every last drop of summer-y spirit.