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In Season | NEW for Winter

This season, we’re roasting veggies, crafting juices, and cooking up new recipes with one goal in mind: to fill you and fulfill you, too. Brought to life by fi... Read More...
Cava Grill Fall 2016 Seasonal Menu

In Season | New For FALL

Crisp, warm, and spiced with a generous hand -- there’s a reason we spend all year looking FORWARD TO FALL. This season, our menu will reflect our heightened ef... Read More...
Cava Grill NYC Farm Partners Satur Farms

New York Farm Spotlight | Satur Farms

We recently started partnering with Satur Farms to showcase their rainbow of lush baby lettuces, ranging in flavor from delicately sweet to pleasantly bitter. We’re honored to source baby arugula, baby spinach, and mesclun mix from Satur Farms and introduce it at our recently launched Union Square spot in NYC. We visited the duo behind this thriving lettuce hub on the North Fork of Long Island, and quickly got hooked on their partnership:
Cava Grill Dupont Location Design

Cava DC | Dupont

We've waited a long time for this: Our Dupont location opens FRIDAY.
Cava Westwood Village

CAVA LA | Westwood Village

We've been waiting for this for a long time. Westwood Village, we're glad to be here. We hope you'll join us for our Community Day tradition. On Thursday, Marc... Read More...