crazy feta

Crazy Feta Guacamole

The cheese-lovers, spice-savorers, and tricked-out dip-lovers of the world will be all smiles when this crowd-pleasing platter touches down at your big-game spread.

Crazy Feta Waffles

Your brunch game just hit a whole new level: Welcome Crazy Feta Waffles to your weekend mix. Crazy Feta, Spinach, and Potato Waffles 4 large eggs 2 tbsp.... Read More...
Crazy Feta Artichoke Dip | For Those Who Savor

Crazy Feta Artichoke Dip

This is artichoke dip at its finest. We ditched the usual heaviness and swapped in the brightness of Crazy Feta.
Crazy Feta-Stuffed Burger with Green Tomatoes & Sriracha Greek Yogurt | For Those Who Savor

Crazy Feta Stuffed Burger

Rounding out the ultimate trio of burger recipes for Labor Day Weekend? This indulgent, just-classic-enough FETA-STUFFED burger.
Crazy Feta Crab Dip with Old Bay Za’atar Pita Wedges | For Those Who Savor

Crazy Feta Crab Dip

This dip right here, this is the sort of dip that you set out at a party, then turn away for a few minutes to go grab a refill, and when you return… it’s go... Read More...
Crazy Feta Mac ‘n’ Cheese | For Those Who Savor

Crazy Feta Mac n’ Cheese

We can’t think of anything more perfectly suited for pairing with yesterday’s barbecue grilled ribs recipe than some classic, creamy, corn-studded mac ‘n’ chees... Read More...