a harissa holiday

Have a Fulfilling Holiday Gift Tags from CAVA

Printable Holiday Gift Tags

You might have noticed the charming + colorful gift tags we featured in a few of our recent edible gift idea posts. YOU'RE IN LUCK -- now you can easily print your own!
Harissa and Crazy Feta Twist Bread

Harissa & Crazy Feta Twist Bread

The secret to total enjoyment of this bread: Don't invite too many friends over for the eating-it part. You're not going to want to share.
A Harissa Holiday Harissa-Spiced Popcorn

Harissa-Spiced Popcorn

Ok, here's the plan: Make a giant batch of this popcorn and then binge on all the best holiday flicks.
A Harissa Holiday Harissa Hot Toddy

Harissa Hot Toddies

Hot toddies aren't just for sick days anymore. This rendition wraps spicy, sweet, and tangy all into one steaming, deeply satisfying sip.
Dark Chocolate Harissa-Spiced Almond Bark

Harissa-Spiced Almond Bark

  Ok, NOW we're officially feeling the holiday spirit. One of our favorite ways to warm up on chilly days is with a little extra dose of spice. So this m... Read More...