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Cava Grill Fall Seasonal Soup Greek Minestrone 3

On the Menu | Spring

April calls for fresh seasonal menu items at all of our Cava Grill locations. What’s on tap? Old Fashioned Lemonade Fresh-squeezed lemons and just the ... Read More...
Broiled Lamb Chop with Mint Chimichurri and Peas | For Those Who Savor

Lamb Chop & Mint Chimichurri

We’re winding down a month of mint-inspired content, but we couldn’t finish up without roping Chef Dimitri into creating a little something special. Below, one ... Read More...

How to Grow Mint at Home

We asked Alli Sosna, the founder of MicroGreens, to share her tips on growing our March spotlight ingredient – mint – at home. In addition to founding MicroG... Read More...