Sometimes our salads and bowls get all the attention, but today we’re talking mini pitas.

Five Ways to Spice Up Your Mini Pitas

  • Top one of your minis with half cooling tzatziki, half fiery harissa for the perfect zestiness.
  • For your other mini, try the dynamic duo of traditional hummus and red pepper hummus.
  • Pile your pitas high with toppings – you can dress them the same or feel free to mix & match.
  • Don’t forget a lemon wedge – that zing is a great way to finish your minis before devouring them.
  • Lastly, get saucy with sriracha Greek yogurt or lemon herb tahini – the festive sauces will help to colorfully distinguish your creations.

How do you dress your mini pitas? Totally opposite or a matching pair?