Call it a flavor awakening.

We’re fascinated by what’s growing in the fields around us — from vibrant citrus fruits to earthy root veggies and more.

That’s why, heading into our latest menu switch, we’re making it our mission to wring every bit of flavor from the season’s yield. We’ve been in our kitchens spicing and dicing, blending, mixing, and heightening all winter long. Now we’re ready for warmer days and tangier flavors — you know, the type that dance on your taste buds and remind you why you love SPRING.

This is an experiment in maximum flavor impact, and we can’t wait to share our findings with you:

Seasonal Dressing:
Spicy Leek

Seasonal Topping:
Sumac Radishes

Seasonal Soup:
Carrot Ginger

Seasonal Roasted Veggies:
Zucchini, Broccoli, Rainbow Carrots

Seasonal Sips:
Carrot Ginger Lemonade
Strawberry Mint Lime Juice
Ginger + Lime Turmeric Tonic
Grapefruit + Mint Raspberry Shrub
Hibiscus Green Tea

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CAVA Spring Seasonal Menu 2017