We asked Alli Sosna, the founder of MicroGreens, to share her tips on growing our March spotlight ingredient – mint – at home.

In addition to founding MicroGreens – a burgeoning DC-based program that helps schools and non-profits educate children and low-income families on making healthy culinary choices – Alli is also a trained chef, consultant, speaker, and all-around chef-preneur. Here’s what she told us:

“Spring = mint planting. My favorite is pineapple mint.

Mint is the best because it doesn’t take a lot of nurturing or maintenance. It’s a great plant to have on hand and it adds a ton of flavor to anything you make, savory or sweet.

Here’s how to make it happen:

Any mint spreads quickly so you gotta give those leaves space. Select a damp area or pot that can sit in full sun or part shade with fertile soil. I have used a big pot in the past where it looks awkward because it’s a small stem in a big pot… but you’ll see. It will grow into a huge green pack of leaves.

Add water when you see the soil getting a bit dry; be sure that it stays moist. Pick leaves top to bottom and that’s it. Mint time!”

Want a little more info? This article from Apartment Therapy gets into a little more detail. Happy growing!