Happy Halloween, friends! Here’s our top V/5 picks for the week:

1) The Vegan Candy Corn Recipe You’ve Been Searching For | Free People Blog

Candy corn sounds like a good idea until you check out that ingredient list. But you’re in luck — we found a vegan recipe that allows you to eat these addicting tri-color candies without instantly regretting it — and they taste surprisingly like cookie dough!

2) The Redrum | masonshaker on Steller

Throwing a Halloween (or even an anti-Halloween) gathering this weekend? This simple sipper is the perfect combo of playful and elegant. And we mean it when we say simple — all you’ll need is rum, red wine, simple syrup, lemon, and cinnamon. Just don’t look at any mirrors with the lights off…

3) About Herbs | Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center put together this easy-to-use mobile app that outlines the potential health benefits of pretty much every herb and supplement in the book. We’re not trying to get all alternative medicine here; we just think this is the perfect chance to explore what you’re eating and drinking a little further.

4) 50 Ways to Eat Brussels Sprouts | Huffington Post Taste

Brussels sprouts have been enjoying a bit of a renaissance over the past few years — just ask our Chef Dimitri about the Brussels sprouts he serves up at our full-service Cava Mezze locations. Need more inspiration? We’re thinking Cast Iron Brussels Sprouts Bacon Pizza and Cranberry Balsamic Brussels Sprouts sound pretty darn good.

5) 12 Places That Do Fall Better Than Anywhere Else | Refinery29

When the foliage starts lighting up with the colors of autumn, we immediately get the itch to make for the Shenandoah. Whether you have time for a day trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway or you’re itching for a getaway to Interlaken, Switzerland, this writeup has you covered. Or you can just gawk at the gorgeous photos.