There are recipes to make when you want to impress. There are recipes that just get the job done. And then there are Crazy Feta recipes.

Those are the recipes that have it all: flavor, ease, and enough panache to wow the pickiest of guests.

Here are the five Crazy Feta recipes we just can’t get enough of:

Crazy Feta Guacamole

An instant classic and game-changer all at once.Crazy Feta Guacamole in a bowl with tortillas and Crazy Feta dip next to it.

Crazy Feta Toast with Roasted Beets + Chives

Earthy beets meet creamy Crazy Feta, lemon zest, and fresh chives. This recipe is as simple as it is addictive.Crazy Feta Toast with Roasted Beets and Chives

Crazy Feta Mac N’ Cheese

Let’s face it: Every season is Mac N’ Cheese season. This is an instant classic that we’ll never not crave.Crazy Feta Mac ‘n’ Cheese | For Those Who Savor

Crazy Feta, Corn, and White Bean Tortilla Scoops

Go ahead, cross easy appetizer off your list.Crazy Feta, Corn, and White Bean Tortilla Scoops

Crazy Feta Artichoke Dip

You may want to double up on this one — it’ll go fast.Crazy Feta Artichoke Dip

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